Abernethy Smoked Butter


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In the beautiful hills of Co Down, country butter is handmade in churns the traditional way by artisan producers.
Their only interest is to create an unforgettable taste and flavour as far removed from mass produced butter as night is from day.
Available from small local farm shops to Fortnum & Masons and Harrods, ABERNETHY BUTTER is also appreciated at the best Michelin starred restaurants from Heston Blumenthal’s, The Fat Duck to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley in Knightsbridge….and Reddingtons Butchers!

We carry 3 flavours..
Smoked Butter – How we smoke our butter is a secret but when smoked it has a lovely barbecue / smokey flavour.
Just use in place of normal butter when cooking i.e. in mash potato, on steak, with seafood, onions, mushroom, sweetcorn.

Dulse & Sea salt – Freshly harvested Dulse from the north coast of Ireland is dried and added to our handmade butter along with Atlantic sea salt. This butter is slightly salter than our regular butter but is fantastic on a cheese board with crackers.It is also a lovely way to cook fish.

Plain Slightly Salted Butter –
Abernethy Butter is made by hand using traditional methods.The cream is bought from a local farmer, who lets his cows graze on the green fields in the Lagan valley and pasturises his own milk.The cream is churned until it separates into butter and buttermilk.Then the butter is put into a large bowl and washed by hand until the water runs clear. This is to remove all the buttermilk which would sour the butter.The only thing we add to our butter is a pinch or two of salt.

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Smoked Butter